Friday, October 15, 2010

The Rock Cycle

 Shantel is loving 2nd grade.  Her school has an award each year called the Prestigious Panther.  To receive this you must complete so many academic goals per year.  One of Shantel's goals she decided is the Great Brain, which is just a report she presents to the class.  Her topics were really lame so I told her to skip it this year and we would work on all the other many projects she could choose from.

Well Shantel was set on doing a great brain again this year.  The topics to choose from were:
      The Rock Cycle
      Local Plant or Animal
My dear sweet girl chose rocks...yes rocks.  I tried to talk her into Antarctica, or an animal, but without me knowing and further discussion, my independent girl turned in ROCKS to her teacher.
I have to admit I was a little angry at first , knowing I would probably end up doing most of the work, but we had a fun time coming up with what we were going to do.  I did some research on the rock cycle and found this nifty little ditty.  We decided we would print it up, pass it out and sing it as a class.  We went to the craft store and found this great paper that made Shantel think of rocks and pasted the tune on it.  We also thought it would be fun to glue a rock to it....after all the report is on rocks.
Well, I guess the thing nowadays is to bring a treat for every school even, or you are just not cool.  So popROCKS it was.  A huge hit with the class!

We went to the library and found some books. I was determined to make Shantel do most of the work for HER project.  So I wrote some questions down that maybe she should share with the class and made her hunt through the books for the answers.  I put it all together for her (just so it would flow) and Walla we were done.
She was so excited to get up in front of her class. I though for sure she would be more nervous than she was.  But, she was a "ROCK" star and presented it like a champ.
I am so proud of her for wanting to do such a project.  She is a great little student.