Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Lion and Devil and Blue's Clues....O MY!!!!

Halloween was a huge success this year. Shantel was all into dressing up and really excited to be a devil this year. She was a little too shy to say trick or treat, but she is starting to get the idea. Kallie was great. She would run behind Shantel and grab handfulls of candy and yell thank you. Keegan had Limo service and was pushed in the stroller behind his rowdy sisters. He even got a little candy!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Pun-kin Time

Carving pumpkins was done in shifts this year. Due the my new schedule at the new hospital and the kids being sick we didn't have time to do it as a family. So I carved Keegan's and Kallie's pumpkins with the kids and Gary carved his and Shantel's the next day while I was at work. Shantel carved her own pumpkin all by herself and Kallie had a little help! Keegan tried to eat the insides and found out they weren't so tasty after all.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Scarecrow Festival Oct. 13th

Shantel our little dancer danced again. She had only 2 classes to learn the Halloween dance and she performed fabulously!! Of course she was in the back... Why would they put the shortest girls up front? Maybe too logical? She stood behind a girl who stood there the whole time without dancing, while Shantel danced her heart out. I need to teach her to be a little more assertive and jump onto front stage!

The scarecrow festival would have been loads of fun if it wasn't raining. Thanksgiving Point did a great job with lots of activities for the kids. The girls got to bounce on a few of the bouncy slides and we got to ride the "train", but do to the very yucky weather we left earlier than anticipated to enjoy a family lunch out!