Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Soccer

Spring soccer has started! Last fall Shantel had so much fun playing on an all girls team she wanted to play again and Kallie decided that she wanted to give it a try this time too. Shantel is on her cousin Ella's team again, which is a lot of fun for her. Kallie is on the preschool team with a bunch of new little girls and is excited to make new friends. Last Saturday was their first big game, and luckily the weather was decent.

The nerd mom of me came out and I picked the same numbers for the girls. I know, they need to be their own person, but I might as well do it while I can until they care enough to pick their own number instead of leaving it up to me!!! But you can't tell me they don't look cute!
Shantel has really learned to hustle and get after that ball. She is not afraid to go after it. It is fun for her to be on a team with her cousin, but the team she played against had 3 little girls from her school class. We was a little bummed that she doesn't get to play with their team. I guess next season we will have to get her with her school friends. She almost scored a goal this time and was really excited for that. Better luck next time!
Kallie had a blast! Her new team is really cute. Little kid sports are real fun to watch. They all chase the ball and try to kick it. They run into eachother and fall down and even cry a little. Her coach is amazing with kids and is very good with them. She has already made a little friend named Katie.
I am proud to announce that Kallie did score a goal! It was for the other team in her own goal, but she dribbled that ball ALL the way from one end to the other and scored. She was a little bummed to find out it was the wrong side, but we were proud of her anyway. We just explained that she just needs to do it again...just the other way! She had so much fun and asks every day when her next game is.

Games are played Saturdays at Flat Iron Park in Sandy
1700 East 8600 South (top of the hill)
Here are the girls schedule
Shantel Kallie
4/10 9:00 10:00
4/17 12:45 9:00
4/24 10:15 10:00
5/1 11:30 10:00
5/8 9:00&1245 10:00&11:00 (double headers)
5/15 10:15 No game
5/55 No game 10:00
Bring a chair, some snacks and maybe a blanket and come watch!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

These are a few of our favorite things!

Not a lot has been going on while the weather is transitioning and we are up to the same old stuff. I thought I would do a post on some of our favorite thing we enjoy on a day to day basis!

Anyone who knows us, knows that hockey is big in the family. Gary plays on a couple different teams along with my dad and little I said it is in the family! We have the cutest little dude equipment for Keeg...he just needs to grow into it a little better. Now on to teaching him how to skate.
Another favorite of ours...well more mine and Shantel, is the Junie B. Jones books. We started reading them together over the summer and now she is off reading them to me. These are laugh out loud books, that I think I enjoy more than she does. They are great because Shantel really can relate to the characters.
The band Train!
I have been a fan for years and recently made Gary come to a concert of theirs not too long ago. I think I may have converted him (just a little) Well their new CD is wonderful and the kids LOVE their new hit Hay Soul Sister. Keegan and Kallie will sing word for word..over and over and over again. Sometime Keegan will just start singing the song out of nowhere!

The girls have been doing gymnastics at the little gym for over a year now. Ever since the summer Olympics Shantel has wanted to do gymnastics. We got her into it and she has excelled. In just a year she has made her way to the advanced class. Don't get me wrong she is not doing flips and crazy stuff like that, but this class is working on those skills on a more personal level with a smaller class size. Kallie on the other hand is in the dance and gymnastic combo class. She loves the tap/ballet portion of the class. She is such a little natural dancer.

So lately Kallie and Keegan have been watching Coraline. NONSTOP. The pretend to go through the little door and always ask me to pretend I am the "other" mother. They also get into the craft kits and find buttons for their button eyes. I have to admit, it is an odd little movie, but it does get the kids imaginations going.

The Biggest Loser is a family favorite. I mean what 7 year old asks to watch it? Shantel looks forward to our Biggest Loser TV time. Every week I am good for a cry with the show. It is so inspiring to watch. Although the last few seasons, I find myself not liking the cast as much and there is always that one person I hate. We have bought the cook book and have made a few healthy meals, which haven't been that bad! Now if only we could make it a daily habit!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Wonderful Waldron's!

I am proud to announce that this month both Gary and I were recognized in our jobs. I thought I would take the opportunity to share with you.

Employee Highlights of DMC Values
Gary Michaels—KRSP-FM Announcer
I would like to nominate Gary Michaels. I believe he is a great example of the value “Improve Lives.” Gary works closely with The Utah Food Bank in delivering food packages to elders, does their snow removal and deals with their leaves seasonally. He not only used all of his MAD hours in this pursuit last year, but is doubling the amount of people he serves this year.” - Sue Kelley
That was a little blurb in their company newsletter that I copied for you all to read! Way to go G-Man!!!
I was nominated as Employee of the Quarter for my work. It is great that my peers think so highly of me and voted me in. I did, however, tie for this award with ironically, the gal I voted for! I work with a great group of people. Now I am up for Employee of the year! Wish me luck!!!