Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We'll Meet again!

Our trip to Michigan was a blast. We are so NOT ready to be back home and especially back to work. The kids miss all their cousins and eatting nothing but junk! We spent days relaxing, swimming, reading, fishing etc . There were so many kids to play with that the kids ran all day long until we forced them to bed. They were all helpful to watch and care for eachother. Nights were spent by the fire were we roasted marshmellows and hotdogs and did alot of singing. That was my favorite part of the trip, sitting by the fire with cousins Reenie and Jen playing the guitar and the whole family singing together....what a time.

Shantel was our little fisher girl! She enjoyed sitting on the docks (with cousin Ben) and dip the pole in the water. She caught her very first fish..it was a little things, but she was so excited and proud that she was like the big guys!

Here is me and Gar with White lake in the back ground...the view from the deck off the front of our cabin.
The kids playing in Lake Michigan. What a beautiful lake. As you can see in the background it is never ending. The water is clear and cold. The kids had the greatest time in the world running in the water and playing in the sand.
Yes! That is the world's Largest Weather Vane!

The family and the Great people (Of course too young to be Grandparents ;) ) who let 14 of us crazy Utahns into their home for a few days!

Gary went fishing one night with Uncle Brent, Ben, Brendon, Scott and Brandon with some locals they kooked up with and caught about 14 salmon..yumm. Gar was excited, he caught two of those bad boys himself.

Keegan pushing cousin Stella in her doll stroller! She's only 3 months younger!

It was the best trip!

Michigan photos

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Hello all my bloggin buddies! You might notice that we won't be posting anything for awhile. We are off to Michigan for the best family reunion ever! We are excited to show Keegan off and let him meet the whole gang. We will be gone for 10 days. I will be sure to post something when we get back. Until then....... bu-bye!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008


To celebrate Shark Week we went to the Aquarium. I was under the impression there was a new big shark exhibit....either I was way off or I totally missed it somehow. Oh well. It has been a while since we went and Keeg has never been there. It was really cool for the girls because they actually knew what they were looking at this time and keegan thought the fishies were neat.
The kids wanted to climb in the sting ray pond to pet them... being the petite family we are, our arms were just too short to touch them. Maybe in a few years.
I asked Shantel what her favorite fish was and she told me the one with all the things sticking out of its head. Sorry but I just can't figure out what that is, so use your imagination. Kallie's favorite was anything we suggest and Keeg liked them all. My favorite were by far the Jellies. They are just to eerie!
The Jellies
The cast of Finding Nemo
Mr. Sting Ray
Look Close there is a big fish to the left.

The Pictures are from my phone, so the quality is a little poor, but you can get the jist.