Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hoppy Easter!

Our neighborhood had their annual Easter Egg Hunt at the neighborhood part on Saturday. This is the first year we have been able to attend, due to work schedules. The kids had a lot of fun!

The eggs were spread over the whole park and baseball diamond. Shantel had fun running with the big kids to gather eggs in her basket, while Kallie and Keegan stayed in a smaller areas with the little ones and collected all they could find. Keegan picked it right up and was running with his basket to fill it, while Kallie just tried to open them all and eat the goodies inside!

Coloring eggs was the best this year. I think we only broke 2 out of 42 and only stained 1 shirt.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Our Little Ski Bum

What can I say, I am living vicariously through Shantel. What a busy girl she is with dance, soccer and now skiing. But she loves it all. Gary took some time off work and took Shantel out one day to pick out skis, a helmet and the works, so Tuesday the 18th we decided to take her up for her first lesson. The drive up she expressed a little concern that the hills would be too big for her to go down. I explained the "bunny hill" and it is ok to fall ALOT the first time and we were just going to have some fun. This eased her mind a little ( i think).

Shantel and Gary posing with her new gear.

If you look close, I am the pink dot in the middle of the picture. I am only about 45 minutes into my lesson, but I can go down the hill without falling (too much).

We are so proud of her, she picked up on skiing right away. By the end of the lesson (2 hrs) she would go down the beginner hill and stop without falling, even would turn a little. She didn't want to leave so Gary took her up one more time to see what she was made of. Boy was he impressed, he came down and reported what a great little skier she was. We can't wait to get her up for another lesson. Her only request was to go up a full day and have lunch! Who knows, maybe I will get some skis on and enjoy the mountain!

St Patty's Day

One Irish Lass in her green. Kallie looked like such a girl for a day with curls in her hair and a wispy bow.
Keeg our mighty fine leprechaun. He didn't lead us to the pot o gold, but he is our treasure.

Shantel our "Lucky Charm" was eager to go to school and catch people without their green to give them a pinch.

For dinner we went to Gary's parents for an Irish feast. We had Shepard's Pie and a Green Shamrock loaf of bread. And we can't forget the Irish Beverages!!!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Disney Princesses...On Ice!

We went to Disney Princesses on Ice and what a "dream come true" it was. The girls dressed up as their favorite princess, Shantel was Ariel (Little Mermaid) of course, and Kallie was Snow White (I thought that fit with her curly dark hair). Keegan our little Prince stayed home with Grandma and Grandpa. Shantel wanted Gary and I to dress up (Gary as Prince Eric and me Cinderella...but do they really make Disney costumes that big?). So despite the snow we packed up and headed to the happiest place in Salt Lake! We were walking in and wanted to take a picture before we got into the building. The girls were posed and ready for the photo shoot and low and behold I take the camera out, turn it on and to my memory card! Yes, I am officially the worst photographer ever. Quick thinking, led me to my camera phone. So here are my little Princesses and my Prince Charming!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Shantel's First Game....EVER

Here is our sweet soccer "tiger". Shantel had so much fun at soccer last Saturday. Addie, the only other girl on the team was out of town, so Shantel was the only girl playing on both teams. She was a little timid at first running around with all those boys. And being the petite thing she is, they all towered over her, but she didn't let that totally stop her! At the start of the game she would stand there and just watch all the other players chase the ball and kick at it.
After a few encouraging words from the coach and mom she started running after the ball. By the end of the game she was even trying to get the ball from the other players...sometimes her own team, but she'll learn. She also had a turn to play in goal. I am pretty sure she had no clue what to do (note to on that). She would watch as all the kids ran to her and watch the ball roll right past her! I told her to try to stop the ball from going past her, so she half heartedly stuck a foot out to "try" and stop it. Finally the coach and refs told her it was ok to use her hands and really try to get the ball. I think by the end she was doing better. WE look forward to the upcoming games. Over all she did great in her first sport and her first game ever!