Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Q- What has 1 Vegas Wedding, 2 new homes, 2 new vehicles and 3 beautiful children?
A- The 7 wonderful years Gary and I have been married.

8 years ago this month Gary and I started dating and my mom was chasing him down at the KISN studios (where we both worked) to see what old man was dating her daughter! A few short months later he proposed at Sun Dance (where we had our technically first "real" date). I wanted an April wedding, so we waited 9 months to tie the knot. So almost a year to the date, We decided on a Paris wedding.... that is the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas! Our close family and friends made the journey and a reception was held the following Saturday in Salt Lake for everyone else to join the party!
1 short year later we were pregnant with Shantel, buying our first home and I was starting a new job as a CNA. What a crazy first year! The rest as they say is...history!

Happy Anniversary! I can't wait to see what the next 7 brings us!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Keegan's First Hair Cut

What a big day for us! Keegan got his first hair cut, and what a handsome boy he is. He was trying to grow out his daddy's old mullet but, with better judgement, I decided against that. We took him to daddy's stylist Tonya and trimmed about 1/4-1/2 inch off the neck and shaped up around the ears. It is still pretty long, but is now shaped and handsome. Oh.. Give the kid a sucker and he will sit still for hours!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

How Much???

As many of you know Gary has been watching what he eats and losing a "LITTLE" weight. Many of you have asked "how much" so here are the totals: Since the weekend after Thanksgiving he has lost a total of approx. 57 pounds. That's right 57. I am sad to say I have found about 4 of that ;) so here is a picture of the new and slender Gary Michaels!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Waldron Kids Tagged - 8 Random Facts

Ever wanted to know what the Waldron kids are about? Here are 8 Random Facts about each! (thanks Stacie for the tag)

1. Shantel Marie - We just liked the name Shantel, Marie after me and my Grandma Jensen (although Gary said it was the dumbest name he's heard..until he knew it was my middle name!)
2. Born December 17th 2002 at Alta View Hospital
3. She is very petite for her age, but she can hold her own (sometimes).
4. Loves school and her teacher Miss Chris and can't wait to start Kindergarten.
5. She is in dance and soccer
6. She is constantly singing aound the house.
7. When she was 3 she insisted that she was Ariel from the little mermaid. She even wanted to name Keegan Eric after the prince.
8. Told me that I was pregnant with Keegan before I even thought that was an option at the time. She told me she was happy I had a baby brother in my tummy! Weird huh?

1. Kallie Sue - Kallie - Gary just liked the name, Sue after his mommy.
2. Born July 15 2005 - My mom was in Michigan for a family reunion and missed it :(
3. She is our only child with dark curly hair and olivs skin. (thanks milk man!! kidding;) )
4. Shantel's first semster in dance class, Kallie could do the dance with her and better than some of the kids in her class.
5. Loves me to rock her in my arms and sing Rock a Bye Baby
6. Is in love with Goofy, and calls him "Goopy"
7. Calls Shantel "Shan-Shell" and shortened it to "Shell"
8. Is our most spitired child who is fearless.

1. Keegan Michael - Keegan we made individual boys name and girls name list and that happened to be on each of ours. Michael after Gary!
2. Born Jan. 4 2007 at LDS Hospital - surprise- went into real labor at work during a snow storm and they held me hostage!
3. Was our "little surprise" from the very start, Shantel told me I was pregnant then I found out 2-3 weeks later.
4. Loves his sisters and is always giving them kisses.
5. He is also a fearless leader, taking after Kallie.
6. Throws real temper tantrums already if he doesn't get his way.
7. He is also petite for his age, hard to believe something so small and run and climb and do everything he does.
8. Has the most gorgeous blue eyes around.

I know some of those weren't real random, but there is not much to a 1 year old!
Now I tag anyone who has not done this yet!