Monday, April 26, 2010

A trip to the dentist that will be forgotten!

A few month back at our routine trip to the dentist we discovered that Kallie had cavities in the back molars of each bottom tooth (despite all our brushing). We went in for a filling and she wanted NO part of the gas they had put on her. She did well up until the part she started feeling silly, then wouldn't let then go any further. Sigh...back to the dentist we had to go, but the next time would be a sedated visit.
The things you have to go through for a little Versed....2 signed waivers...a complete health history and physical from her pediatrician, and payment upfront (really?) and a 2 hour appt....You would think she was having major surgery. All precautions of course..but the nurse side came out as they were talking to me about the possibility of really really bad side effects..I was looking around the room for a crash cart and resuscitation gear. I left the office in tears thinking that my day was wasted and I had to come back and drug up my little girl.
Well we took her back and she did great with one tooth, but started getting a little fidgety near the end so they told us that we had to come back and do it all again. We let a few months easy any fear she may have had. All the while telling her we would have to go back soon.

Well today was the big day to do it all over again. Surprisingly she was rather excited to do it again. She got up and dressed in her favorite sweater dress and princess her favorite barbies and off we went. No fighting her today to drink the "special" princess drink (motrin and versed) after about 20 minutes the effects were taking effect and my little princess turned into a drunken mess. I have to tell you, she is hilarious all drugged up and if she tries to pull anything as a teenager...HA I know what she is like already!

Here is Kallie playing with toys waiting for the special princess juice to kick in!

So far so good. She has her sunglasses on..kicked back and watching Alvin and the Chipettes.

Here she is with the silly "clown" nose on.

This visit she was exceptionally good. Well, come to find out she was sound asleep through most of the procedure. I was warned that she might be a little combative when she woke up and to do it gently and slowly....well that didn't work. My little girl was so drugged up that she wouldn't wake up. We were rubbing her and moving her and calling her name and there she sleeping beauty. The dentist turned full oxygen on her and we waited. He tried to sit her up a little and her eyes slowly opened as she tried to pull the mask off. We sat her up and her head fell forward and she was in a dead sleep again. We had to sit in the waiting area for 45 minutes until she could wake up and stay awake long enough that they knew she would be ok. During that 45 minute period she would wake up long enough to hug me then be out cold and snoring...sitting up, might I add. She woke up and barfed (twice) and fell right back to sleep. Finally they took us to the back to check her oxygen to make sure was still doing ok. Her oxygen was 96%, but she would not wake up. I started getting a little nervous thinking off all things that could go what point they would rush her to the hospital, but the doc came out and assured me that this was normal and would wear off soon. FINALLY...I got her to wake up and sit up long enough by herself to convince them we would be fine and I would make it home ok. We got in the car and she was asleep again before we got poor baby.
Here she is after getting home and into mom and dads bed. Cartoons on and a comfy pillow. I am happy to say that she has not fallen asleep since we have been home (1.5 hours). And we DON"T have to go back until July for her routine exam.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Egg-cellent Easter!

What is Easter really without a few fun crafts? I was browsing the sale tub at the local craft store and found these foam packs to make and egg wreath. I thought it might be a fun opportunity for the kids to all work together and make something for Easter. This way they all got to make a few eggs to show off their personalities and we got something we could use as a decoration. Well it was a big hit and the kids had a lot of fun decorating these eggs.

Here is the end product a cure egg wreath that we hung on our front door on Easter to welcome our guests.

Saturday(yes, the day before Easter) Grammy came over to help color our eggs. The kids were so excited to FINALLY be coloring eggs.
The kids really got a hang of it this year. We only ended up with 2 broken eggs by the time we were done! Not bad!
And YES, that is my handsome rugged man of a husband with a bright PINK egg!
As he would say, in touch with his feminine side (you know after having 2 daughters)
Easter morning was lot of fun this year. The kids are at the best ages for holidays and really get into the fun of it. The bunny hides eggs and other goodies all over the ground level of our home, making the searching really fun and last a little longer!
After searching the living room and finding everything, or most experienced child (Shantel) informed the other 2 that the Easter Bunny also hides things in the family off they ran to find their baskets and other goods.
The Easter Bunny not only stocked their baskets full of treats, but also fun activities!

What is Easter without a family photo? Well Easter at the Waldron's! It seems lately we can't get the whole family in one picture without a fight and have everyone smiling so we took it in a few different pictures!

Our little princesses insisted on wearing fancy dresses for Easter and Keegan insisted on wearing his shark shirt...very Eastery if you ask me! But hey we look good!!