Saturday, June 25, 2011

Soccer Gals

Spring soccer this year started out rough.  We had rain out days and yes even snow out days.  This season has gone on through June...the longest season ever.  Luckily the last few games have been great weather.  And with all the rain outs, Finn got a chance to get a little older before we had to drag him out in the cold.  Shantel has always played with cousin Ella, until this season. We have been trying to get Shantel on the Pink team with her friends from school.  We something happened and we were not able to be on either team :(
Shantel was such a good sport and decided to stay on the Blue team (The Blueberries) and meet new girls.

It was very strange to have her on a team with all new people and against everyone one we knew..I mean who do you cheer for.  I think I was the only one to cheer for both teams at the same time!

Kallie got in on the soccer action this year too.  She is on the Red Dragons and even has a friend on the team who is in her Kindergarten class.
She loves to run around after the ball and eventually get a kick in.  Hey she even came an inch from scoring a goal this season.  And it is amazing this girl even ate something healthy!  Oranges are the popular mid game snack, so watching all the other girls gobble them up, oh she had to join in.

And every great player needs a break too!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Mother's Day

I had a great Mother's Day!  It started out with French toast, bacon and coffee in bed (my favorite breakfast). Then I was showered with a bunch of handmade gifts.  I have the best kids and husband around. 
Kallie made me a ceramic hand print.  You should have seen her face when I opened it..she was just as surprised as I was.  Her teacher must have wrapped it when they finished drying and Kallie forgot about it.

Keegan got me a bunch of cute/funny sayings from his preschool class and the reason he loves me.

Shantel got me chore sticks.  I pick out a decorated stick and she does the chore on it.  Hmmm, I have everything from making breakfast to vacuuming!!!

Mr. Finn (and Daddy) got me  Barnes and Noble and Starbucks gift cards.  Now I can sip some good java with a good book!

Yes, we all ate in bed!

Later that afternoon we had our mommies over for a dinner of ribs and other scrumptious items.  Mmmm.

Gary and his mommy

Me and my mommy