Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What Am I????

I know the feeling! 20 (well 14 weeks) of anticipation...Hey at least I didn't make you wait til the very end this time :)
The time has finally come we know whether we will be adding a brother or sister to the family!
And trust me, it couldn't come fast enough.  I have been so sick with this one and feeling lousy that I needed a little hint as to what has been causing me so much stress for the past few months.

    Profile of the newest Waldron!  But who could be mad at this face?

The hand by Baby W's mouth and nose!

The foot that kicks.  Keegans was lucky enough to go to the ultrasound with us and saw the baby kicking.  We was so concerned with all the kicking he asked if the baby was hurting me.  When I replied NO, he said "Good, I don't want the baby to hurt you" 
Is he not the sweetest thing ever!

And just to keep the anticipation going...this is what it looks like after a night shift and 20 weeks.  I know you are all surprised I would put a bare belly shot of me looking so hot...but hey why not..we are all friends...right!

Baby Boy Waldron!!!

Yes it is a boy! We are so excited to even things up.  Keegan was right all along calling it a boy.
 Oh and Dr. Ponder for making the brave announcement at 12 weeks
(he must really be a boy if you can see that thing that early).
This makes life easier for us as well, with sharing rooms and having that built in playmate!

Now the tough part...A Name!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Hauntings!

Halloween is such a fun yet spooky time of year!  The kids had a blast picking out their costumes this year.  Each of them knew what they wanted to be early in the season.  I was so happy that for one actual holiday I did not have to work the night of or the night before (although Zombie mom would have been fitting).
This year I signed up to help in Shantels class with the Halloween party...But yes, just as luck would have it..I worked the night before.  So my day was busy.  After a long 12 hour shift I came home to get my little goblins ready.
As you can see Kallie is NOT a goblin, but she does make the best darn Dorothy ever.  (oh and her little dog too)!   She was so excited to be Dorothy this year that she wore the costume days before Halloween. The Wizard of Oz  is one of her favorites.

Shantel insisted on a vampire this year.  One day we were out and about and found this costume and she had to have it, along with the fangs, fake blood and black makeup.  We had fun trying to make this sweet girl scary!

And last our dragon.  Let me clarify..FIRE breathing dragon! This costume was a must, so warm and cozy and adorable.  Keegan was very eager to tell people he was a dragon, and don't you dare call him a frog or alligator, or you would hear about it.
Gary and Keegan Breathing FIRE!!

 After dressing these adorable monsters up, we rushed to the girls school for their Halloween parade. It is so fun to see all the kids dressed up (and teachers).  There were so many great (and creative) costumes.
 Here is our little Dorothy leading off the school parade!
Shantel not wanting to scare everyone away!

When the Elementary Parade was done we booked it over to Keegans school for his little costume parade.
 So fun to see his little friends all dressed up.


What is Halloween without carving pumpkins!  The kids did a great job picking out their own pumpkins.
We had a blast trying to figure out the perfect faces to carve.

Yes, I feed my children!

 Keegan was hesitant at first to get his hands dirty. It took a LOT of convincing for him to scoop out the middle of the pumpkins.
 Kallie was so creative creating the perfect face and was so detailed I had to take a picture of her "Spooktacular" artwork before we explained to her the face had to be BIG so we could cut it out.
Here's Gary!  kind of a creepy face if you ask me..perfect for hacking up a pumpkin!

YES, it felt good to let out some frustration!

The Final Products!

Halloween Night!  We are ready for the fright!  We want tricks and treats...some yummy candy to eat!!