Monday, August 17, 2009

A Day at the Lake!

We had the opportunity to go boating with our friends Rick and Leah a few weeks ago. We headed up to the lake in the morning and had to leave that afternoon. It had to be a short day trip because duty called at work and I needed to be there at 7. (the joys of nursing!) This was the first time we have been up all year and we had a blast.

Here are pictures of the kids playing in the water. Last year they had nothing to do with life jackets and this year they didn't put up a fight. They actually got used to the idea that they could float in the water with them. Not afraid to go in this year, they were fish and refused to get out of the water.

We went tubing..or rather the kids did..and yes if you look close I put Gary in the Kid category! At first the girls were a little cautious with the idea of being pulled by a boat in the middle if the lake. After a few minutes and a few bumps they were loving it. Of course Kallie was a little less nervous than Shantel..she is the fearless leader! Gary finally got on so Keegan could have a turn and he loved it.
Had to throw some pictures of us in there...don't mind the blinding whiteness of our I said it was our first trip out! See, we really do get out and do stuff!
Keeg asleep in daddy's arms on the boat.

Here is Gary water skiing. It has been over 5 years since he has been. It took him a few tries to get up..which the kids thought was the funnies thing to see him fall over! Once he relaxed he got right up and was showing off his skills.
We had a great time and give a BIG thanks to Rick and Leah for taking us out. Of course Gar wants to buy a boat now..but we'll see what happens ;) I am just sorry we had to leave so early. Hopefully we can get out again before the season is over...which is coming fast.