Wednesday, March 30, 2011

St. Patty's!

Happy St. Patty's Day!  We had originally wanted our newest little leprechaun to join our family today..we scheduled our induction for today (YES, even though our doctor would be out of town). Well the little guy had a different idea. So instead of being at the hospital, I got to attempt being a crafty mom.

I wanted to make the day fun for the kids and have a Green day.  I started with Green french toast.  I know the picture doesn't really show how green they were.  I originally wanted to cut them into shamrock shapes, but couldn't find a cutter :(  As a matter of fact, I could find anything that was St. Patrick's Day.  I traveled to 4 different stores one day and 3 another, but found nothing....not one shirt, necklace, decoration, NOTHING.  I guess that is what I get for shopping the week of.

 So Gary went to the grocery store and found a few necklaces and hair accessories (finally) luckily we bought Finn a shirt months ago!  So here is a cute picture of my kiddos sporting their Green.

And you can't forget the new little guy. Had to take a picture of him since he actually had a themed shirt on.
And what a McCutie he is!!
We ended the day making green cupcakes and frosting!  What a delicious day.  We bought some corned beef for dinner, but since Gary had hockey, we celebrated the real food part on Saturday.  It was my first time eating corned beef, and it was pretty good!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Finnegan James
March 5, 2011 at 12:11pm
6lbs 15 oz
20 inches

It is hard to believe that after 9 hard months he is finally here.  This pregnancy has been the hardest by far.  Sick for over 20 weeks, diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, contracting from 32 weeks and a baby sitting so low for weeks it hurt to walk...but yet I survived and he was born healthy and happy at 37.5 weeks.

Here is his first photo!
And My.... how I grew!
And his BIG brother loving him from the start.

Everyone knows I switch doctors with this pregnancy to have my favorite doctor, Dr. Ponder, deliver me. Not to mention I wanted to share this joy with all my friends at work.  Well, at about my 34 week appointment she informed me that she would be out of town the week before my due date.  WHAT!!! I can't believe I would switch docs to have her deliver me, just to find that she wont even be here.  I can say I was more than a little disappointed!  We were hoping for a St. Patty's Day induction.  We decided to schedule it anyway and have one of her partners deliver us :(
With all the contracting I was doing early on I was certain I wouldn't make it that far anyway...I needed to have this baby before she left.

Well I hit my 37 week mark and was feeling pretty confident that the next week was the week.  I worked my 3 shifts that week and oh yes, the dreaded On-Call shift that Thursday night.  When I got off shift that morning I was contracting every 5 minutes (and not the most comfortable). I went to my appointment  after work and was assured I would NOT make it to my induction date...YEAH!!!
I went home still contracting took a nap and woke up a few hours later still contracting.  I thought this is it.  Boy was I wrong.  A few hours later it all stopped in time for a good nights sleep.

7:35 am Saturday morning I woke up to the the strongest contraction ever.  Then again less than 5 minutes. Within an hour, I knew it was time.  We took the kids over to Gary's parents and headed to the hospital.  We checked in around 9 am...and the rest is history!

Here I am...Active labor trying to get my stubborn boy to flip around to face the right way!  And if you are asking No, I had no I was free to move around!
3 long hellish hours later we welcomed baby Finn to our family!

Love at first sight!

Boy isn't he the cutest!

The proudest big sisters!
Keegan took a little convincing.  He was excited to hear we were having the baby.  When he came to the hospital the excitement was over.  I am pretty sure he was expecting a little boy his size to play with.  But rest assured, he loves him now :)

Going home.  Isn't the shirt perfect. I keep hearing how much he looks like Gary.

And occasionally he has his eyes open.  It just happens when all the visitors are gone!

My 3 BOYS!!!

This is MY family.  I love them all.