Monday, June 30, 2008

Out with old - in with the NEW

What an eventful weekend. I feel like I am in a brand new house. Sunday we got our carpets cleaned. They are all nice and fresh and fluffy. And all the rooms are CLEAN!

We also started the work on our front flower beds. Finally after 3 years in the house and 2 years of nothing but dirt (and weeds) in the beds we have plants!!! Now our neighbors can't talk about how crappy our yard is!

We added a tree last year and 3 more this year and a few bushes that will bloom and have color during all seasons. (Thanks Glover Nursery). It turned out nice. I can't wait to see it when everything is a little bigger and filled in.
We also splurged and got the fridge we have been wanting for over a year now. We got a killer deal at Home Depot and thought the time must be right. It matches all the other appliances in our kitchen and feels more like home. Our kitchen is complete!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Gary got the butt end of the deal. His birthday and Father's day fell on the same weekend. I, being the frugal (or cheap) gal that I am decided to just buy one gift and call it good. Granted it was a good gift! What is is you ask? well, a new camcorder of course! Our old one is big and bulky compared to the the newer versions and we wanted something that did record onto tiny little you can actually watch what you have recorded!

But being the crafty gal I am, I got the kids together for a wonderful craft project.

The end product was a poem about father's hands and a child future hands, so i painted the kids hands and put it around the poem! Turned out cute. It will look good on his desk at work.

Happy Birthday Gary!

Well Gary made it another year. How he survives is a wonder to him... with a crazy wife and three wild children! We didn't do a whole lot this year. I am a slacker, I know! He had a live broadcast in Clearfield, I worked that morning from 3-7 am and Shantel had her year end dance recital that afternoon at 330. So as you can see I didn't see a whole lot of him. We did however have a little BBQ that night after dance. So Happy Birthday Gary! I love you!

Can't have a birthday party without a theme! NEMO! Yes the kids like cake!Shantel with curlers, getting ready for the big stage!
Love is in the air

Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Little Dancing and a Few Rides

Shantel's dance company went to Lagoon for dance competitions on Friday. It was fun to see all the other dance companies in Salt Lake perform esp. the little tikes! Shantel did a great job (as always), and even got a little dance crystal to say good job.

I know, it looks like all the others!

After her dance we took advantage of Lagoon Day. Since I have not been there in about 10 years and Shantel loves rides, we made a day of it. Gary had to work and Grandma was willing to watch the other two kids, so we had a mommy daughter day. It was loads of fun hanging out with her and riding the kiddie rides. (next time I am going with an adult who likes rides.) For the most part she had a blast. There were two rides that didn't go over so well. As she puts it. "I hate this ride and I am never riding ita gain!" The first was called the Lady Bug. It brings you to the top of a pole then drops you..then brings you back up and spins you around...and drops you, over and over. The second, the Tidal Wave, just a giant boat that swings back and forth....granted it gets pretty high, but we were kind of in the middle, so we didn't go that high.
She loved the Terror Ride and the Music Express.