Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Kallie Sue!

Here is my Beautiful Birthday Girl!
I can't believe it has been 6 years already.

I swear she was just this big

All she wanted this year for her birthday was Barbies.  Because the 10 she already had was not enough.
As soon as she woke up and scoped out her gifts, she spotted this package and just KNEW it was the shape of a Barbie box.

Being at the lovely age of 6 you just HAVE to have a friend party.  She was so excited to have some friends come over and help celebrate!  The party theme she picked this year was ladybug.  I had a lot of fun planning this party.  You can't really tell by the photo, but I had black and red streamers across the room, red balloons hanging everywhere and of course ladybugs and little green leaves placed on the walls throughout the kitchen.

Google became my best friend as I was planning this shin dig.  I wanted to do fun ladybug cupcakes.  There were so many ideas and designs out there I just kind of mixed and matched my ideas.
I took a dozen of this simple strawberry cupcake.
And turned it into a lush green field, where ladybugs could play.
Now comes the fun part!  For the games/activities I bought some cute little pots and painted them red.  I bought black sequence for the girls to glue onto the pots to make little ladybugs.  This would then become their good pot to put all their prizes. 

What is a party without games? Musical leaves..a form of musical chairs, but instead of sitting on a chair our little "ladies" flew around and landed on a leaf!
 We also played Pin the ladybug on the leaf!

It was a small little gathering with only 4 friends
 (due to the fact it is summer and most were out of town)
But we had a good time

We also had a family BBQ/party the next day. why not keep the celebration going.  My mom (aka Grammy) brought over a swimming pool for the kids to play in.  As you can see it is plenty big and kept the kids entertained all day. 
Although the 2 biggest kids chose the tiny pool to play in.  They said it was their hot tub! 

Kallie was so excited to open yet some more gifts!
As you can see, she was spoiled rotten!

And another cake.  I took the easy route and bought this one.