Sunday, December 20, 2009

And Then She Turned 7!

Shantel Marie
was born
December 17,2002 at 11:34 am
7 lbs 13 Ounces
20 inches

I can't believe that just 7 years ago this beautiful girl was born. What an adventure it has been. Walking into the hospital for a 7am induction and delivering her just a short 3 1/2 hours later. I remember the nurse saying we were having a redhead before she was even born and by George she was right. She still has that head of crazy thick red hair!

When she was born Gary came home with the idea of starting a Birthday tree for her to giver her birthday a little something special due to the fact that Christmas is just right around the corner. We decorate it in non-Christmas items (usually the theme of her party) and set it up her birthday week.
Her new bike!

She insisted on a Chuck E Cheese Birthday party this year. I gave in of course...because less work for me right??? I let her invite 5 little friends from school and they had a blast playing all the games..watching the "band" and eating pizza..what could be better?
Here is Keegan trying to play Skee-ball. He couldn't get the ball to the end so he decided to just walk up to it and throw them in the holes.
Shantel and the Big Chuck E Cheese himself after singing Happy Birthday!

The "Band"

Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

I Know it is late, but out computer was down and out for about a week.
For Thanksgiving this year we got to celebrate with Gary's family along with some of his cousins he hasn't seen in like 20 years. It was fun to see the people Gary grew up with and meet new family (10 years later).

Gary battling the guest of honor!
The Cute Waldron Kids
Big and Little Gary's
Grandma and Kallie having chocolate pie!Who doesn't put olives on their fingers?
Of course we had to partake in the Black Friday Sopping deals. However, I did NOT do the crazy midnight madness or early shopping this year..I felt like sleeping and going later that day. After I got home and we had some delicious turkey soup that Gar made we all got our jammies on and decorated the Christmas Tree! The kids had a blast putting out all the decorations. Keegan kept wanting to put the ornaments up high so Kallie couldn't reach...ummm how about so HE can't reach!
Of course the family photo by the tree! The Final Product!
After the tree was trimmed and the halls were decked we settled down on the couch and snuggled together while we watched Polar Express...little did I know I would be watching 10 times a day for the next month.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Girls Night Out!

I thought it would be fun to share some fun photos of a girls night out I recently had. Just to show that yes, I do get out and have a little fun once in a while. I have the greatest group of gals that I work with.
In all the hype of New Moon coming out in theaters some girls and I bought tickets for the midnight showing 3 months ago. The tickets were $40...but it included a gift bag! And yes it was worth case you are wondering!

Carmen, Heidi, Me and Steph

Our delicious new Edward mugs!
(free in the gift bag)
Yes, after a while I even joined in the vampire madness.
We want a bite!

The movie in itself was great. A LOT better than the first. I have to admit the book was my least favorite (as I am NOT into warewolves), but after the movie...I think I may be a changed woman! I was a total Edward fan to begin with, but I think Jacob (or his abs) won me over!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Fabulous Fall Fun!

Fall is such a beautiful time of year. All the colors that surround us are amazing. We have been lucky to have such great weather. Although the day after taking these pictures it snowed...imagine that, we got these great pics, just in time! Here is Keegan throwing leaves on Kallie


Kallie not enjoying it as much!

Making a pile!

This has got to be one of my favorites!
You can see the pure joy in Kallies face, and how much fun she was having!

Another of my favorites!
We were raking leaves and Keegan jumped right in. The pile was bigger than him.
He thought he was so cool hiding out.

Monday, November 2, 2009

A BOO-tiful Halloween!

The Waldron Halloween Family Photo! No we didn't add another member to our family, but the little neighbor girl insisted in joining in our pictures. As you can see Gary and I didn't really get into the spirit of Halloween and dress up this year...Kinda boring, but that's us!

BOO-tiful Snow White, a little Kitty Kat and the Itsy Bitsy Spider

Snow White in her best pose for a picture.
The Itsy Bitsy SpiderKitty Kat Kallie

Pumpkin Carving

Again posing for the camera..I swear I don't know where she gets it ;)

The girls were each in charge of their own pumpkin this year. They picked out their own, cleaned their own and made their own face...Shantel even carved her own. It is amazing to see my little ones, not to little anymore, and doing things on their own. Shantel had a great time cleaning the pumpkin out and came up with every pose that included her eating or touching the pumpkin guts. Kallie and Keegan weren't that into it.

School Parades

The Annual Halloween Preschool Parade. Kallie was so excited for her parade this year at school. Refreshing that she was not one of the many princesses, or pretty fairies! They walk up the street playing instruments and showing off their wonderful costumes!
This year we also went to Shantel's school parade. There were so many great costumes that kids (and parents) came up with. We saw the traditional princesses, witches, babies, Star Wars Figures, zombies, faceless men, as well as some really creative ones like a boy in a hot air balloon, a Wii remote, and an Ipod. Bit our little princess was of course the best!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Fair

I know this post is a little late, but I just found the pictures of the Utah State Fair. We love going to the fair. There is something about looking at all the animals, browsing through the vendors, riding the rides, and of course the delicious food!

This year we went to the little hands farm. Somehow we missed it last year. The kids thought it was a blast. Everything was their size and they were able to see how a real farm works, from planting the crops, feeding the cows, getting their milk and selling it. They felt like they were really doing it.
Kallie driving the tractor Keegan gathering eggs.
Shantel milking the cow


Who goes to the fair without taking a ride down the big yellow slide?

Here is me and Kallie going down the slide.
Daddy and Keegan having fun?

Shantel and Gary loving every second!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Lagoon - It's where fun is!

We got free passes to Lagoon this year and just now got a chance to use them. Can I tell you this was the best time to go. The weather was perfect and the lines were short. They are doing there Frighmares for Halloween, and because most of that stuff starts in the afternoon and goes til dark, we got there when it opened and beat the crowd. I went with Shantel a few years ago with her dance group and we haven't been back, so this was Kallies first trip! She didn't know what to expect and was a little scared to go on the rides at first. So Shantel got on a ride and Kallie watched watched at her sister having fun, so we decided to do a little bit of a slower ride to start Kallie off. The cars below were just perfect to let her get a taste of what fun she could be having.
If you are able to click on these 2 pictures (above and below) to enlarge it! You can see the pure JOY in the girls faces. Just the look on their faces makes the trip worth it!
I know there is alot of pictures, but I wanted to share how much fun we had.