Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy 6th Birthday Shantel !!!

We wanted to do a carnival themed birthday, but it turned out to be more polka dots and fun. This was my first experience with a friend part and it turned out well. I only had a few friends come (not knowing how to handle a house full of 5 year olds). We played pin the nose on the clown and had cake and ice cream and then just let the kids run wild. They had such a blast. Thanks to my friend Laura who brought her two boys, who were such troopers playing with a bunch of girls, and for hanging out and playing games with us!

MMMM polka dot cake! Present time! Ella pinning the nose on!

Birthday morning presents before was a High School musical Birthday!
Happy Birthday Shantel, I cannot believe you are 6!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ice Princess

Having a hockey player in the family, you would think that we were regulars at the ice rink (besides Sunday night games). Well, wrong. Gary's work had an Ice Skating party at the Gallivan Center. We decided that it would be a great time to get Shantel skating for the first time. We left the other two at home so we could skate and be cold without 2 other wild children.
The first trip around the ice, Gary pretty much held Shantel up on her skates. The second time around Gary told her to act like she was "walking" and that was the end of it. She was a natural. I joined them on the ice and we all held hands and skated around. That was enough for that Ice Princess, after that she wanted to skate by herself. She did great skating around the bumpy ice by herself. I can't wait to take her in some real ice. I guess this is a new family activity we will take part of!

Enlarge the picture and look at Shantel's face...classic.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! This was too cute not to share. In Kindergarten Shantel was a pilgrim for her feast; In preschool Kallie was an Indian for hers. How perfect that they each
were something so different.

The day after we had to get the tree and decorations up. Of course it was after I woke up from my nap after the Midnight Black Friday Shopping. Great deals! The kids had a great time pulling all the decorations out and looking at them. You would think they had never seen the stuff before. They did great decorating the tree, not one ornament broke (yet!). We did, however, put the kid friendly ones on the bottom.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

BoYs and their ToYs!!

As some of you may know Gary has been wishing and begging for his black on black Ford F150. Well today, he finally got it. You may say Christmas came early for this guy, but I say..Finally, now we can talk about other things besides what a great truck this is, and what a great deal he can get and so on and so forth. Don't get me wrong, it IS a beautiful..oh I mean Handsome Truck! And I will definitely look good driving it! Oh yes my friends, I will be driving it!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Winter Wonderland

So the first official real snow of the year hit... and boy did it hit. At least Mother Nature waited until after Halloween! We got over 3 inches at out house. Gary was excited to pull out the snow blower and all the winter clothes. A few hours later you couldn't tell he even cleared the driveway....Ahhh Utah weather.

Shantel was dying to get outside and build a snowman, so the next day I bundled up the girls, We still needed to buy Keegan a coat that fit, and let them out!

So you may be asking what was Keegan doing while the girls were outside enjoying the freshly fallen snow?

Why getting into chocolate milk of course. I was sitting at the computer and heard the kitchen chair slide across the floor. I thought to myself, oh he is just pulling it up to the counter. A minute later I walk up to see what he has gotten into ....... And this is what I find. A whole thing of chocolate powder on the floor (and everywhere else) and Keegan laying in the middle of it licking it up. I couldn't resist, I snapped a fed pictures and told him to enjoy it while I went to get the vacuum. Wouldn't you?

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween!

This year Halloween was a lot of FUN. We all actually dressed up and got into the spirit!

What do you get when you put together a spider witch and a pirate?
A Little Pirate, a Little Witch , a football player and don't forget the pumpkin wiener!!
The kids had a great time Trick or Treating. We couldn't have asked for better weather. We went all over the neighborhood and saw lots of cute costumes. Keeg enjoyed saying "Trick or Peat" and was very polite with a "Thank You" to follow up. Kallie loved all the attention as a witch and Shantel just thought the whole thing was cool and ran from house to house. After Trick or Treat Street, Gary's work and the neighborhood, they each have 3 huge bags of candy. I think that should last until next year!

We can't for get Kallie's Halloween parade at school. This was her first time doing something with a group and she loved it. The class had a little parade up the street to show off all the great costumes. Here are some pictures.
The Class My Little Witch

The 2 batmans are the little boys Chase and Riley that we carpool to preschool with!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fall Fun!

Fall is such a wonderful and colorful time of year. There is so much fun stuff to do. Besides all the festival there are trick or treat activities...which I would post pictures of, but I don't want to spoil their costumes for the big day! There is also pumpkin patches and then the fun of carving them.

We went to the pumpkin patch and found some great pumpkins and then had Aunt Lori, Uncle Brent, Baylee, Grammy and Scott over for some Pumpkin carving fun! There were so many great pictures I decided to make a slide show instead of show all the pictures separately. Sit back and have fun.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Scarecrow Festival 2008

With school back in session, we haven't had a lot of time to get out and do all the fun things we normally would. I took advantage of UEA weekend and took the kids to the Scarecrow Festival at Thanksgiving Point. We had a great time, the weather was perfect (maybe a little hot) and the kids were old enough to enjoy it this year. They had bounce houses, games and other fun activities. The kids even enjoyed the Haunted House!

Here they are with the scary Pirates! Arrr Matey!!

And what is a festival without a little face painting? We were there for about 3 hours and Kallie and Keegan were asleep before we left the parking lot!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Watch Out Olympics here come the Waldron Girls!

We started the girls in Gymnastics this year. After the fun we had watching the Olympics earlier this year, Shantel informed me that she was NOT going to take dance this year and was going to do Gymnastics.

I searched High and Low for a place to put both girls in (that would work with my schedule) and finally The Little Gym was the place.

We started class this week and the girls did great. They are in separate classes, which is great, so they can meet new people their own ages.

Here is Kallie playing with the parachutes. Kallie jumping off the bounce mat! (Mid-air)

Kallie was great! She followed directions and stayed with the class (which impressed both me and the teachers). She was fearless on the balance beams and walked across them like they were nothing. The instructors asked if she had done any gymnastics before because she was so good..or is the right word fearless?

Shantel waiting to flip over the mats. Shantel's turn with the parachutes!

I think the year in dance was helpful. I don't want to brag, (ok I guess I do, isn't that what a blog is for?) but Shantel was AWESOME. her technique was great and she was also fearless. Walking backwards on the balance beams, jumping on the spring board...she is a natural.
The instructor came up to me and told me how great Shantel was..I thought her we go they tell all the mothers this, but then she added that Shantel may be ready for the advanced class for her age group. WOW! So we will see what the next few weeks bring and see if she really can move up.

Monday, September 8, 2008

First Days

My Kindergartener! I can't believe I am sending Shantel to Kindergarten. How time has flown. She was excited and nervous at the same time. She loves school but was afraid of making new friends. I assured her that all the other kids felt the same way. Walking to school on that first day she was scared, but as soon as she saw her teacher she ran for the line and went inside. It was great to see her go. I felt like the only mom not crying. Looking around at all the families wishing their kids off in tears, I laughed and thought yeah! This will be a great year for her.

My Baby girl started Preschool last week with Miss Chris. I think it will be good for her to get out of the house and meet new kids. I also think following directions and learning to listen will be wonderful. She was excited to go although I am not sure she really understood what school was. We bought her a new backpack to celebrate the occasion and she wants to take it everywhere.
Her first day went great. She ran right to the door and barely said good bye. I asked Miss Chris how she did and "OKAY" was the response. She'll learn and get the hang of it!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Newest Waldron!

I am happy to introduce you all to the newest Waldron! He is a bouncing baby boy about 7 weeks old and we named him Lemieux! Yes, after Gary's favorite hockey player Mario Lemieux!
He is a miniature wiener dog... AKA...a Teeny Weeny!

He was born July 28th in Monroe Utah. We picked him up Wednesday night and brought him home.

It has been an adventure with a new puppy, kinda like having a new baby...without diapers! He was semi paper trained so that helps a lot and has been getting better every day.
He is a spoiled boy though, Shantel wont put him down and is constantly holding and petting him. When she is sleeping he wanders around moaning looking for her until she wakes up. Best friends already. Of course Gary let him sleep in our bed the first two nights (while I was at work), So when I get a night off and put the dog in his cage he howls and barks all night long. Ahhh sleepless nights...again. But he is just irresistible!

The Waldron kids!
Look close the grass was taller than him!