Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Making Movies

The kids love to go to Grandma and Grandpa's house. I believe it is for all the treats they get, but they LOVE to play on grandpa's computer. He has found a lot of fun websites for them and he also has fun new features on his new computer. This was emailed to us from Grandpa after one of their last visits. I just had to share because it is the funniest thing I have seen.

WARNING: grab tissues (and a bathroom break before hand) and be ready to laugh!

I just love these kids!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Waldron Family Fun!

Gary and I got bowling balls for Christmas a few years back. We haven't bowled a lot, but we have just gotten back into the sport with the kids. They have such a great time, and they aren't too bad!

Kallie won the first game (of the kids) and Keeg won the second. I can't believe he got more strikes and spares than me! Since our few times out, the kids has asked when we are going bowling again..they just love it. They have also been playing it on the Wii and they are really good on that. They each beat me every time!

We also too them ice skating. We keep saying we need to go, so we finally did. We took them to the Olympic Oval (where the athletes train!) for open skate. They did amazing. We got a bunch of little kids hockey gear for Keeg, so we wanted him to get used to skating.
Here he is with his own little hockey skates. It took a few minutes, but once he got used to the feel of the ice, he was cruising around.

Shantel is a natural and was skating circles around us! Kallie was a little natural too! Once she learned to keep her feet under her and her legs moving she was pulling me behind her! She was so confident in herself that she was going real fast trying to get away from me!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Missing Tooth!

YES! It finally happened, Shantel lost her first tooth. After months of her friends losing all their teeth and the question.."is my tooth wiggly?" I could finally answer yes! She was so excited to have her first wiggly tooth, that she was always playing with it. Twisting it this way and that, pushing it forward and back. Me, being the grossed out mom I am had a hard time pulling it our for her and she wouldn't do it herself. Her 'big tooth" was coming up the back side and had already broken through the gums.

So one night while I was at work I get this picture on my phone. I was shocked that it had come out, and yes a little sad that I wasn't there to see the first tooth lost and get it all ready for the tooth fairy. When I found out that Gary had pulled it out, I was even more upset. But I look at it this way, I got to see every other first that the kids have done.

Shantel thinks she is the coolest thing ever. And acts like she is the first person to have lost a tooth. She is constantly sticking her tongue through the hole. She has discovered that she doesn't have to open her mouth to get food in. She is amazingly funny with that gap and insists all her other teeth are loose now too!