Friday, September 28, 2007

Discovery Gateway!

Shantel and Abbie doing a play Kallie at the check out!
I finally decided to try something new with the kids. My friend Liz played hookie from work(sorry secrets out) and we took the kids to Discovery Gateway AKA Children's Museum. Little did we know that two days later we would be able to see the Robots Exhibit. Oh well, such is life. The girls liked the ball sucker tubes, aka the Garden. Kallie's favorite was the construction Zone. I never knew putting big fake blocks down a tube could be so fun. Shantel enjoyed the new broadcasting the best. I guess girls like to see themselves on TV. She was very cute making up news stories. Maybe she will take after daddy and go into the radio/TV business! Keegan's favorite part was going home to take a nap. Poor guy was pooped. The helicopter was also a bighit...who knows they may follow mommy's steps and work for IHC!! ha ha!!

Life Light Pilot? Future Broadcater??

Monday, September 17, 2007

Utah State Fair!

Kallie on her first Pony Ride. Shantel our lil cowgirl!

Wheeee! Daddy & Shantel on the BIG Yellow Slide
There were a lot of firsts this year at the Fair. Mommy wasn't pregnant, Kallie rode her first horse, both girls got to ride the rides and we all tried the dippin dots!! Of course the best part about the fair is the food. Hands down! You can't go to the fair without having all the delicious junk food. Navajo tacos, scones, kettle corn, corn on the cob...yummy! The girls loved the animals and actually got the nerve to pet them, and Keegan just stared at the big smelly things. He will have a better time next year.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Shantel is back in Pre-School

Shantel stiking a pose! or TWO!
Kallie trying on sisters backpack, she wants to go to school too!

Shantel is back in pre-school for another year. Her first day back was Sep. 7 th. She is so excited to be back with friends. (It gives me a little break as well) We decided it was time for a hair cut and gave her a little bob. She surprisingly loves it too.

Kristine's Birthday

I have celebrated another birthday and yet I am still a young one!! My birthday fell on Labor Day this year and yes, I had to work. But that is ok I had two weekends to celebrate!! Gary surprised me with a new car..oh wait SUV. Want to know the best thing about it? It fits all 3 kids and the stroller with room to spare! The kids would tell you the DVD player is the best!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A Day at the Lake!

Shantel and Kallie loved playing in the water. Shantel was learning that a life jacket helps you float, while Kallie had no fear and ran right in.

Kallie and her Pirate hat. Aaarg Matey!
Keegan having a taste of his first cheeto....Thanks Grammy! He devourded the thing. I am surprised he tasted it. Luckily we had a lot of water near to wash off.