Thursday, September 23, 2010

BaCk To sChOoL!

It is that time of year again.  The days are getting shorter, the air a little cooler and the house a little more quiet!  It's back to school time!  This is the first year that all 3 will be gone to school (at least for some part of the week)  We eased into all 3 of the kids going to school this year.  Shantel was the first to go. A week later Kallie, and the week after Keegan.  it was a nice way to start the year.

Shantel our BIG 2nd Grader!
Shantel was so excited to start 2nd grade this year.  Although she didn't get the teacher she was hoping for and got the "mean" Miss Rasmusson, she loved her first day and said her teacher was actually nice. Imagine that, I guess a lesson for her to NOT judge! She was separated from one of her friends since Kindergarten, but kept another and is meeting new people everyday.  This will be good for her.
When asked what she wants to learn this year she told me science, because it sounded interesting.  Let's see what this year will bring.

Kindergarten here comes Kallie!
Kallie was super excited to start school like her big sister.  She talked about it all summer and asked everyday when Kindergarten started.  When Shantel went to school without her, she was very sad to learn that she still had ONE MORE week to wait.  We went to Kindergarten testing that first week, so Kallie didn't feel too bad and we had lots of 'homework" for her to do and bring back that first week.  And believe it or not...she was excited to do homework.  Let's hope that lasts!
My girls off to their school together!

Keeg our lil Preschooler!

Keegan was beyond excited to go to school like his sisters.  He asked more often than Kallie when he got to go to see Miss Chris.  And everyday off that he has he asks if he gets to go to school that day.  I am so lucky to have kids that like school and want to go.  Let's hope this lasts. I can't believe my baby is all grown up and in school (even if it only 2 mornings a week).  He is going to grow so much this year.

I know what you are all thinking...YEAH you get a few hours a week all by yourself...WRONG.  Of course Keegan would be in school the mornings after I work.  I work all night get the kids off to school then lay down for my few hour nap. It is Gary that gets the real break (yes from all of us) what a lucky guy.  I guess next year will be my turn...oh wait just in time to add another bundle of joy to my day.  I guess the real ME time will come in another 4 years.  But at least I can handle one!

Friday, September 10, 2010

March 21, 2011

We are excited to Announce that coming March 21, 2011 (if not sooner) Baby W. will join our family!
Yes, it is some what of a shock that we are once again going to welcome a little Waldron into this family. Although we had been discussing it for some time, we didn't think it would happen quite yet. We found out July 24th...what a great holiday celebration, but decided to wait until after our first Doctor appointment to share the big news.
We have decided that after 8 years with a wonderful doctor we would switch to the fantastic Dr. Ponder (who yes, delivers at my work). I wanted this to be a special celebration and share it with my wonderful friends I work with...Not to mention get spoiled in the process! There is comfort knowing I will be in great hands with people who really care.
Here is me with my lil baby bump already (12 weeks), yup couldn't really hide it much longer.
We shared the joyous news to family and close friends for my BIG birthday bash..I won't mention it was my 30th Birthday Bash. (oooops!) Happy Birthday to me! What a better time of celebrating life than to announce a new member to the family.
Creative me, decided instead of just telling them, I would decorate in baby decorations for my party to see just how long it would take for people to notice. Although most looked at the decorations and read the "Welcome Baby" sign..they thought, "hummm, did they run out of birthday decor" or "maybe she is just trying to feel young" and thought nothing of it. Well it wasn't until Grammy (my mom) read it and started crying that it was officially out to the family!
Everyone was shocked to know that we had kept such a secret for so long. I am officially 12 weeks with a very active and very beautiful baby W.!

profile pictures
The head is right in the middle of both pictures, with the body to the right
(for those of you not savvy on ultrasound pictures)

And NO..that is not the sex of the baby! haha