Friday, May 30, 2008

A Little Bed Head

I woke up this morning to this face greeting me. A wild mane of red hair flying in every direction but down! Here is front View and the back. Can you say Bed Head ?!

It was at this moment I decided Keeg need a real true hair cut. not just a trim around the neck and ears, but a full blown boy hair cut. I picked up the phone, dialed and got him in to the most wonderful place. Cookie Cutters (Kids Cuts).

Since Kallie is also looking like a child with no mother, and hair all over the place, I thought why not get her in for a little trim as well.

Here are the cute chairs they have the kids sit in and watch a movie of their choice and the activity begins! Keeg got the car that strapped him in and Kallie picked out the police cruiser...not the girly pick Cadillac, but the Police car...go figure.

Here are the after shots of my handsome prince and my beauty queen. They put Kallie's hair in a cute pony tail updo, so you can't see the real end product. Let's just say they took about 2.5 inches off the back and blended in the layers...super cute.

I give these guys 5 stars. A little pricey, but well worth it!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wild Animals!

We decided to celebrate Memorial Weekend at the Zoo. As if I don't get enough wild animals at home..right? Since I worked Friday night and Sunday night AND Monday night, Sunday afternoon was our best bet. The weather was nice and cool and we needed something to do since Gary was off golfing. We went with my friend Liz and her daughters. Shantel was so excited to see Abigail again and Kallie wanted to see the monkeys. Keegan..well he just needed to get out of the house.
We started with the Giraffes and the Asian Highland Exhibit (a wild cat and 1 Tiger) Keegan stared in awe at the big animals moving and Kallie thought the big cats were funny. Next the reptile house. This place was neat, they had a little of everything and what Shantel called a jungle inside (a room with a bunch of huge trees). We got to see a giant turtle, and snakes (Kallie liked those) and birds and little monkey looking things..Keegan was amazed and kept pointing at everything.

The Elephants were a big hit (as was the enormous fake elephant that made noise (see photos).

We didn't ride the train this time or see the White Alligator, but we decided to get a season pass, so that is on the agenda for next time. Gary will be there with work June 11th (come on out!) so we will go then.

It was a great trip and we had fun. The kids were well behaved and other zoo visitors were too.

My only complaint. If you see a woman struggling with a double stroller and 3 kids, don't just stand there and watch...get out of the way so she doesn't have to struggle to move around you.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Great-Great Grandpa Meyer

I recieved some sad new this morning. My Great-Grandpa Meyer passed away Sunday night after celebrating his young 99th birthday. I am blessed that he was able to move back to Salt Lake in the past few years and that he was able to meet his Great-Great Grandchildren.

Here is a picture of the 5 generations!

We love you and will miss you!

Adolph "Ady" Meyer
Adolph "Ady" Meyer 5/16/1909 ~ 5/18/2008 Our loving father, grandfather, great-grandfather and friend passed away peacefully at home. He was born in Highland, Illinois to Adolph and Clara Meyer. He married Mildred Hagemeyer on July 2, 1934. They lived in Salinas, CA, Salt Lake City, UT, and then retired in Lake Havasu City, AZ. He retired from Pet Milk Company after many years of service. ADY enjoyed the outdoors, fishing, boating and "jeeping" in the desert. He was an avid Arizona Diamondbacks baseball fan. He is survived by his children, Mildred (Robert dec.) Jensen, Sallie (Melvin) Larsen, James (Diana) Meyer, Richard (Corina) Meyer; 16 grandchildren; 32 great-grandchild ren; three great-great-grandchil dren and sister-in-law, Julia Meyer. Preceded in death by his wife; son, Robert; grandson, Richard and six brothers and sisters. Memorial services will be held Friday, May 23rd, 10:00 a.m. at the Cornerstone Evangelical Free Church, 7762 S. 700 W. Midvale, Utah.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Dance at the Farm

Shantel had a dance recital at Wheeler Farm this past weekend. I was a little nervous because I have never seen her actually do the whole dance and when I watch at her class all the little girls seem to busy running around than actually practicing. Saturday came and she was excited to be on the big stage again. (It lets her know that all the boring practices pay off). She was about the third group to perform and they did a great job (all the girls danced right on cue).
We wanted to join in the rest of the festivities, but having Kallie and the Waldron luck, we had to skip out early. Kallie's elbow was a little dislocated (of course it happened right before Shantel went on stage), so after the dance I took Kallie to the Kids Care and popped it back into place...ahh Kallie's way of spending a sunny Saturday afternoon! Oh she's ok now!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Are you serious?? Funny Nursing story

Ok I just have to share this funny story from work.
As most of you know I work as a nurse in a mother/Baby unit (well most of you work with me some how), anyway, I was working my usual night shift and got a new patient from Labor and Delivery. Her epidural was working unusually well and the lady could not even wiggle her toes when she came up to me.

Since she couldn't move I kept her IV in and placed a catheter to help her out a little. Well the end of shift came and I was giving report to the oncoming RN. I explained that she was still numb and could now wiggle her feet only but that's it (5 hours later!) and I told her all the things I did for her because she couldn't get out of bed.

After I had finished my shpeal she (the RN) asks. "So has she been out of bed yet?"
No joke, she seriously asked if this poor lady who couldn't even roll over in bed had gotten up yet. Was she not listening to a thing I said!?!?!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Sweet Jimmy Swoops In !!

Sweet Jimmy aka Grandpa Jamie swooped into SLC Friday for
Aunt Lori's Graduation. She is finally finished with her MBA
from the U of U, smarty pants! Congratulations on all your hard work!

We celebrated all weekend (which was way to short) Grandpa came in and stole all the hearts of the SLC Princesses. What a great dancer!

It has been so good to see him (as he lives way too far away, Michigan...that's the glove state!). We are sad Grandma Judi was unable to make the trip, but we will see her in a few short months.
Here are a few pictures with the cool dude and the kids! They fell in love with him instantly.