Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jump, Flip, Roll!

Here is some video of Shantel on the uneven bars and doing her floor routine. She was a little nervous in front of all the people, so she paused a lot, but she did very well.

Kallie Sue playing on the mat with her friends! They do a lot of work that requires team work. They love to play with the props that the instructors incorporate. I have video of her doing her other stunts, but for some reason it is too big for the blogger to handle. So sorry ;)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Princess Festival

Last week we I had the opportunity hang out with my favorite Princesses for a couple of hours. Everyone from Rapunzel to Sleeping Beauty. My friend Liz told me about a company, In Our Own Quiet Way, that runs the wonderful even where all the money raised goes to help the people in Kenya.

Princesses Kallie, Shantel and Abbie!

Riding to the Royal Ball in Cinderella's carriage!

It was a 2 hour adventure where all the girls show their inner beauty and pass 5 tests to become a real Princess. They were greeted by the Blue Fairy (from Pinocchio) and had to save all the Princesses from the evil witch, and get them to the Royal Ball.

The Future Princesses meeting the Blue Fairy.

Their First test was to help Snow White get away from the evil witch and NOT eat the delicious red apple. Here are the girls with Snow White after they saved her!

Test 2: To help the prince get Rapunzel out of the tower. Look close you can see her hair hanging down the tower!

The next test was learning to act and dance like a princess. Rapunzel showed the girls a few ballroom dancing moves they could use at the Royal Ball.

Test save Sleeping Beauty from her deep sleep and tell the Prince how to wake her up. Some suggestions where to dump a bucket of water on her head...but they all finally came to conclusion she needed a true loves kiss to wake her up!

Sleeping Beauty looks so fresh for sleeping so long! A photo op to say Thank You!

The last and Final test was to rid the land of the evil witch by saying Bippity Boppity Boo! Now they were True Princesses and went to the Royal Ball with all the other Princesses.

Cinderella getting ready...The glass slipper fits! Prince Charming was so grateful we were able to get a photo with them!

Beauty and the Beast were there!

It was so much fun to go and see all the girls working together and for such a great cause. Shantel was a little shy meeting all the Princes and Princesses. Kallie got into the whole process and couldn't wait to help save them all! If you have little girls I would definitely suggest going next year!

Visit the website and .

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

MDA Ride 2009

Saturday was the 58th Annual MDA ride for a Cure out to Wendover. What a great cause this is. Raising money for Muscular Dystrophy. This cause touches my heart because I had a friend in High School who had muscular Dystrophy.
In the morning the Arrow gang met at Harley Davidson to kick off the ride. I was lucky enough to be part of it this year (thanks to Grammy for babysitting!). I was amazed at how many people turn up for this event.
For all you who think "bikers" are rough mean dudes...take a look at the photo below. Those are all Harley Riding folks, and that is a shot only looking south. The street looking North was even more packed. State street was liked with bike after bike after bike heading in both directions.

Once we all got out to Wendover came the auction. That is a fun event. There were many things up for Auction to raise money.

The Arrow staff on stage, making announcements....and having a little fun! Even Mark Koelbel from Channel 2 turned up for the event!

Here are some of the families that are helped from all the donations and money raised.

This is Luke, the Youth Spokesperson. He was the funniest kid. Cracking jokes on stage and he even told Gary he had a face for Radio!
The trip was a success and we had a lot of fun. The weather could have been a little nicer, but it was a great trip for a great cause. Can't wait to do it again next year.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Field Trips

Field Trips are the best part of school. I was lucky enough to be able to help out in each of the girls classes this year. We had a lot of fun and I think the girls thought it was cool that mom got to go. (at least they think it is cool now.)

Kallie's class was doing a unit on safety. During the fire safety week, we got to go to the fire station down the street from our house. What a neat experience. Their kitchen is beautiful and nicer than my own... but then again they probably actually cook in theirs! The kids thought the fire truck was the best part. I have to admit, they are pretty cool. It is amazing all the gadgets and thing-a-ma-jigs on the truck. The fire fighters were great with the wild kids, it is wonderful how patient they were.

Here is a picture of the kids and the cool fire truck.

Shantel's class had a trip to the Thanksgiving Point's farm a while back. We saw all the baby animals and learned about them.
Shantel's class
A very friendly cow.

What is this?? Should I be worried that they are holding hands already? This little boy is Tyler and apparently Shantel has a little crush on him. She used the "hold my hand so we stay together" line; and then never let go. I don't know where she learns such things.

Sigh... she better knock that off for another 20 years!