Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Family Reunion

This year we were lucky enough to be able to go back to Michigan for the annual family Reunion.  It has been 4 years since we have been able to make it back.  We were excited to see everyone again, meet cousins that have been born and show off Finn and the rest of our growing children!  We are so blessed to belong to such a wonderful family.  It is a HUGE fun, crazy and most of all loving family!
Our flight left Friday June22  at about 730am.  I was hoping that since we had to wake up at 400am the kids would sleep the whole way there.  Well Finn was the only one to fall asleep.  He did surprisingly well on the plane, only really fussing when we were waiting to take off.
Finn's first plane ride!

We finally got to Grandpa Jamie and Grandma Judi's house later that afternoon and got to relax a little and catch up with the family.  The kids got to see their cousin Maggie again. She was so excited to finally be seeing her cousins that she had heard so much about.

White Sands Resort
Whitehall Michigan
 The kids were absolutely amazed at how many cousins they actually have.  They had a blast meeting new family and having someone to run around with the entire week.  We have gained many kids since the last time we were here. 

Kallie and her new best friend, cousin Stella

This is only half the kids that were actually there.

Our family is so cool that every day has some kind of  title.  There was golf day and beach day and themed potluck dinners; Mexican, Italian, breakfast for dinner and of course a happy hour!

Dinner time!

Beach Day!!
The kids were anxious to get to the beach.  Yes, we stayed on waterfront property with a small beach off of White Lake.  Beach Day is actually driving a 5 minutes west to Lake Michigan!  White Lake has a small channel that leads to Lake Michigan.  I can't even begin to tell you h ow beautiful Lake Michigan is.  The pictures to NOT do it justice.  As is says on the shirts the kids bought "Unsalted and shark free".  This lake is huge, clear and beautiful. 
This little guy LOVED the beach. He giggled every time a wave would hit his legs.  He really enjoyed sitting and digging in the sand.

Shantel got a wild hair to do some fishing. Jamie and Brandon took fer to the end of the docks and taught her how to cast and catch a fish. She was in heaven. What is even better she was able to catch a fish.  Just take a look at the pure joy on her face.  This is what being a parent is all about...seeing the pure joy on your child's face.

As you can see, we could not keep these kids out of the water.
Shantel mastering her Cannon Ball

Kallie "helping" Keegan swim
My big fish

Here is me and my "little" brothers
Here I am with my amazing Grandma Judi

G-Man and Sweet Jimmy
I am with my Mom and Aunt Lori
and Finn
Uncle Pat, Aunt Rachelle and Cousin Maggie
Finn loves his Great Grandpa Jamie.
Here he was giving him an unprompted kiss

Gary's Golf Tournament group
Brandon, Emily and Aunt Kath 

What is a family reunion without awesome matching family T's!
Keegan fell in love with Aunt Kristi

Brynn and My Bro Jamie
  This has to be my favorite part of the trip.  Singing by the campfire.  The entire family!  This picture only shows half of the family sitting by the fire.

All the cousins

My wonderful family
minus Uncle Mike and Uncle Terry :(
We had such an amazing time.  We were not ready to come back.  And we will definitely NOT wait another 4 years before we come back. 

Until We Meet Again