Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is so fun.  I remember growing up and every year trying to come up with a design for my Valentine box.  20 years ago, I didn't feel so creative.  Now that I am a somewhat crafty mom I couldn't wait to come up with some kind of cool boxes for the kids.

I preschool all they did was decorate a BIG white envelope for their Valentines.  Which I guess is OK by me since there are only 10 kids in the class.  Besides it was a great art project for Keegan and he was so proud of his work.

The Elementary School on the other hand was a little disappointing.  When Shantel was in Kindergarten we decorated a box for her ( and crafty me came up with the castle..I thought it was cute and original).  Well this year, Shantels class decorated their own boxes for their art days.  So we had to take in an empty shoe box a few weeks before their Valentine's party so they could decorate it at school.  Talk about boring.  Although if you know me and how much I have been complaining about this homework and that project, you would think I would be jumping for joy at the thought of one less thing I had to do. And yes, I am happy it is one less stress I had to deal with, but isn't that kinda what it is all about?
 Here is Shantel with her handcrafted Valentine box...very festive!

Kallie's class had the right idea...once again Kindergarten :)
I asked Kallie what kind of box she wanted to make.  Gave her all kinds of cool ideas, from castles to butterflies and she insisted on a pink box with valentine stickers. girly girl wanted a plain PINK box with stickers.  How do you argue with a 5 year old with her mind made DON"T!  So I went to the craft store, bought some pink paper and stickers and she went to town.  I can't even tell you how excited she was for her plain pink box.  I did pull out my cricut to cut some hearts and her name out.
Let me tell how you how funny this girl is.  As you can see..her name is written in fancy writing..semi cursive looking.  Well she insisted that it didn't spell Kallie right.  She told me the L's looked like E's and no one would know that was her Valentine box.  I assured her that is very princess like writing and YES, they would know it was her box. She kept insisting "no, that says K-A-E-E-I-E" she would tell me. I asked her if she wanted me to change it for her.  She said no ( after much convincing) but asked if I would come to her party and tell her class that those were the letter L so they didn't make fun of her.  I really didn't think that a simple font would cause so much drama in the Kindergarten world.  After her party I asked if her friends knew it said Kallie....surprise surprise..they all knew it was her box. (although who knows what kind of stink she made at school!)

 Here are the girls reading all their special valentines!