Friday, August 27, 2010

Summer Time Fun!

There is nothing better than a good water fight in the middle of summer on a hot day. We had cousin Ella over one afternoon to play outside and have some fun.
These Girls don't mess around. Can you guess who is older...haha NOT the taller one!
Kallie and Keegan thought squirting me was pretty darn funny too!
Besides water guns we had sprinkler toys and a pool...yes I know, it is VERY small, but the kids had fun in it and that is all that counts right?
Keegan didn't like the water to spray to big (it was cold) so every time he took a turn he made me go turn the water down. Shantel loved to jump through/over the water.
The kids had a great time putting the slide in the pool and sliding into the water. Sometimes they even got a little crazy and put the sprinkler to spray on the slide, that way they would go faster.
love the actions shots!and like I said..I know the pool was small...but we had a lot of fun with it!

Camp Waldron
Gary has had this tent for about 20 years and we have finally put it to use! We never got a chance to get away for the summer so we decided to do a "stay-cation" in our very own back yard. We pitched the tent (let me tell you, after sitting around for 20 years unused...not the easiest task) and had a BBQ. The kids thought it was the greatest thing.

You can't tell by their faces, but they were excited to go "camping".

After we set up "camp" we had a little BBQ on the charcoal grill. The fire was still raging after dinner so we decided to make s'mores!

Roasting marshmallows over the fire...just as good as the real deal!
Is started to rain very early in the morning so we had to pack up camp and take it indoors. We pulled out the sofa bed, brought the munchkins in and they were fast asleep..and nice and dry!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Beautiful Utah!

So after the big MDA Harley Ride to Wendover the past few year, many of you know that Gary has been itching for his own bike. Well we were lucky enough to be able to purchase one this summer! It has been a lot of fun to ride...the few times I have :) And I have discovered a whole new side to Utah!

Alpine Loop
As close as we are to the mountains, I am surprised we do not do more. One Sunday morning we got up early and headed to breakfast up in Heber. (Thanks to Grammy for having a sleepover with the kids) What a great ride up. After breakfast we decided we really didn't have anywhere to be so why not take the long way home over the Alpine Loop. What a beautiful ride that was. It is such an amazing experience on the back of a feel so close to nature.

A view from the back of the bike heading up the loop!

Gar and I at the top of the loop.
Mount Timpanogas....breathtaking

Oh I might mention...we did the ride with my we are...I'm one tough motorcycle mama!
We had such an amazing time we are planning to do it again this fall when all the leaves start changing colors.

Silver Lake
So our next trip up the canyon did NOT include the new ride. We wanted to take the kids up for a "hike" around Silver Lake. It is a small lake and a perfect "hike" for little legs. Just when the kids were bored and tired...we were done! The weather was perfect and the scenery breathtaking.

A fun part about the walk is that there are info signs posted along the way to learn about different things. Like the grasslands, or the different types of flowers or how the water we see up there, makes it to our house within 24 hours. Shantel learned lots of interesting facts.

The kids had such a great time outdoors and experiencing different things. We definitely need to get out and do more.