Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Shantel decided she wanted to make me breakfast for mothers day. Gary and Shantel got up and made my favorite breakfast (french toast and bacon) and had it ready before I even rolled out of bed. All the kids came in to wake me up and surprise me with hugs and kisses and breakfast made.

Nothing like a picture first thing in the morning!
Kallie made me a cute little envelope and a comments about me!

Shantel made me a coupon book. The 3 coupons...Look close NO POUTING!!!
and the other 2 - vacuuming and making breakfast. I have a feeling I will be using the no pouting one first ;)

Shantel also made me a place mat. It states what she likes to do with me. It says "What I like to do with my mom is snuggle." and the picture is of the 2 of use snuggling on the couch together.

Last but not least Keegan and Gar got me a pair of Rollerblades. We have been talking about getting me some for a while (and since I have NEVER Rollerblades in my life) now was a good time to get them.
I will have to practice in the garage by myself so I don't look like a total goof in public!
It was a wonderful day spent with the family. I am so lucky to have 3 beautiful and wonderful children. They are all so different and complete me in their own special way.