Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday (Party)

Well our BIG Birthday Bash turned out to be a very small intimate gathering. I wanted to have a fun outdoor party and have kids come over and play, but things didn't turn out so well. That is one draw back to a summer birthday...people think they can go out of town...whatever!

Kallie didn't mind much, she got presents and cake!

Well, my girl is into Mickey Mouse! Everything is Mickey and Goopy (aka Goofy). So we had a great Mickey bash. I even pulled out my crafty hat and made a Micky Mouse cake.

I am still new to the cake making craft and coloring the frosting. I wanted black for the ears, well no matter how much of the icing dye I added it was still a purple color, so I ended up adding the whole little jar (oops). It still had a purple hue, but I figured that would have to work. The cake looked great. And Kallie was excited about it.


It turned your mouth completely black when you ate it! Very fun to see adults with black mouths!

Some of Kallie's Birthday Photos

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Kallie!

Ahhh, 3 years ago today (July 15th) we were at the Hospital welcoming 8 lb bouncing baby girl Kallie to our Family. What a crazy adventure! She is by far the baby that stands out, She surprised us with her dark curly hair and olive skin! If she never left my room I would wonder if they switched babies on us!

Here is big sister Shantel meeting Kallie for the first time!

She wasn't sure of what to think of the baby, but they sure became best friends pretty quickly.

Look how little Shantel looks.

Kallie's first photo shoot all decked out and ready to go.

Happy Birthday Kallie!

Pictures of the birthday girl coming soon.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Shantel and a lil bob!

I have been tired of looking at the cutest 5 year old in town with a head of messy uncared for hair. Her hair is contantly in her face and unbrushed. When I do actually style her hair, her headbands and bows are out within a few hours. She is worse than Kallie about her hair.

This is what she looks like on a good day!

Soooo I chopped it all off. Yes I did! I have been wanting to get her the new A-line style, but since one of her last haircuts (they shaped her face..without asking) It is annoyingly short in the front and longer in the a chin length bob it was. It tured out very cute and hip! Thanks, again, Cookie Cutters!

They slightly stacked it in the back to give it an A line feel!